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Mana Games, a next gen. P2P (peer to peer) Esports Challenges and Tournament Platform, where you can create, compete, and earn rewards or cash prizes.

You set the challenge or tournament. Allow all to play with you or go head to head with your friends.
Match with players with similar skill levels. Real time tracking and post-game stats
Automatically earn prizes.

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Its time to take online gaming to the next level. Mana games

Invite your friends or people you just met online.

Take on a new challenge every day or every ours. The rewards are endless.

Join, Play, Challenge and WIN

Join, Play, Challenge and WIN

Go out and make unlimited income on you gaming skills. Join a challenge or challenge your friends.

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Contact us today to learn how you can start earning Mana. Mana is used to buy into all challenges and earn prizes and cash.

Safe & Secure
We work to maintain a strong secure platform. That way you can focus on fun.
Designed for Gamers
Gamers are number one in our book. Mana was design for you, to play and get paid.
World-class Technology
Our real time tracking platform is changing the way we play the game.