Purple Penguin Joins Mana Games

Purple Penguin Joins Mana Games

Purple Penguin is one of many exciting upcoming projects joining us at Mana Games!

Purple Penguin is a charity driven blockchain entertainment company and they’re actively working towards providing awareness on Climate Change and donating to environmental causes and children’s charities via NFTs, Blockchain Games, and their Metaverse. Currently, the focus of Purple Penguin starts off in the Southern Hemisphere, where global warming jeopardizes the penguin’s way of life.

Here at Mana Games you will be able to acquire $PEBBLE, Purple Penguin NFT, or simply enter the Purple Penguin metaverse “antARTica”.

Purple Penguin x Mana Games, Giveaway will be announced soon!

You can find out more about Purple Penguin and their plans to help the climate at their website & white paper.

Visit and Follow them at:



White Paper



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