Mana-Qor Partners with Luckmon

Mana-Qor Partners with Luckmon

Luckmon is a NFT and blockchain game development startup based in Irvine, California. The longer-term aspiration for the team is to enter the P2E space online and on mobile; combining this with its own take on an NFT-backed economy. As of right now, we are working on two NFTgame projects. First project is called “Unidragon” which is a NFT based dragon themed slot game and the second project is “FarmMates” a NFT-powered Metaverse where you can buy land and start a farm containing all of your favorite animals.

2022 will truly be the rise of blockchain gaming! Large gaming publishers have shared their interests in entering the blockchain space via metaverse or interested in implementing some P2E mechanisms in their newer titles and there are multitudes of brand new blockchain gaming titles popping up every day.

You will soon be able to play FarmMates and Unidragon on Mana Games. For more information on please visit their website and follow the links below!


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