Nekoverse is a Play-to-Earn X Mana Games

Nekoverse is a Play-to-Earn X Mana Games

Nekoverse is a Play-to-Earn Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) that is built on the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

Nekoverse is also the name of the metaverse (in-game world) in which players can choose their own paths in discovering, interacting with other players, battle PvE and PvP, or just leisurely explore the world, farming resources and crafting items. With the help of blockchain technology, the game also offers a comprehensive decentralized in-game economy that is driven by players, and a Guild system utilizing in-game DAO Governance mechanic, allowing players to truly own not just the assets, but also the narrative and development of the game.

Mana Games is excited to work with the Nekoverse team and build a robust gaming ecosystem for users to enjoy a variety of blockchain gaming titles like Nekoverse.

You will soon be able to play and enter the Nekoverse on Mana Games. For more information on please visit their website and follow the links below!


Twitter:  @Nekoverse_NFT

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